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Buylist FAQ



Our Buylist is located here: https://www.magesarchive.com/buylist

Getting Paid

  • We are not currently paying cash/paypal. At this time, you can only receive Store Credit. Some exceptions may be made depending on the cards being traded in, e-mail buylist@magesarchive.com if you have any questions.
  • Once the buy order is finalized, your account will be credited immediately.

Submitting Your Order

  • You must log in or create an account to submit a buylist order.
  • Cards must be submitted with the correct edition. Orders with numerous edition errors are subject to cancellation.
  • Accuracy will increase the speed in which are able to complete your buy order. 

Shipping & Packaging

  • To avoid delays, please sort your cards in the same order that they're listed on your order.
  • To expedite the grading process, please do not sleeve the cards in deck protector sleeves or toploaders, penny sleeves are okay.
  • Clearly label the package with your buy order number.
  • Cards must be dropped off at the Archive or be postmarked within seven days of your order. Late orders may be cancelled, or prices may be updated due to market fluctuation.

Grading & Reviewing

  • Once received at the Archive, orders are typically reviewed, graded, and finalized within one to five days. This is an estimated amount of time and could increase or decrease dependant on buyorder backlog.
  • In order to streamline the review process, orders are automatically finalized after grading. If you'd like the chance to review your grading results before finalizing, you must e-mail us in advance and request to do so.
  • After an order is finalized, the cards are immediately incorporated into the rest of our inventory and cannot be returned to you.
  • You can see how we grade singles here: https://www.magesarchive.com/card_condition_guide

General Disclaimers

  • All prices are subject to change based on market value and current card stock.
  • Our buylist is provided for information only and should not be considered a guaranteed offer to buy.
  • Buylist prices and quantities in demand are subject to change at any time, and we reserve the right to refuse cards for any reason.