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Challenger Deck 2021: Mono Green Stompy

Challenger Deck 2021: Mono Green Stompy

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  • Description

    This 60-card deck is tournament-ready and playable right out of the box. Crush your opponents, fine-tune your strategy with a 15-card sideboard, and store it all in the included deck box (holds 75 sleeved cards.) With fan-favorite cards from Kaldheim, Zendikar Rising, Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths, Theros Beyond Death, Throne of Eldraine, and Core Set 2021, the Mono Green Stompy Challenger Deck is forged from some of the most powerful strategies in Standard. Play with cards featuring the landfall and mutate mechanics, and get 3 Mythic Rares (including 2 Modal Double-Faced Cards), 23 Rares (including 3 MDFCs), 14 Uncommons (including 2 MDFCs), 16 Commons, and 19 Basic Land Cards. CONTENTS: 60-card deck, 15-card sideboard, 6 double-faced card (DFC) helper cards, 5 double-sided tokens, 1 deck box.

    Deck List:

    1 Garruk, Unleashed

    3 Kazandu Mammoth

    2 Stonecoil Serpent

    3 Swarm Shambler

    2 Scavenging Ooze

    2 Wildborn Preserver

    2 Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig

    4 Lovestruck Beast

    2 Gemrazer

    4 Wildwood Tracker

    2 Syr Faren, the Hengehammer

    3 Thrashing Brontodon

    2 Turntimber Symbiosis

    3 Primal Might

    4 Ram Through

    2 Snakeskin Veil

    19 Forest



    1 Thrashing Brontodon

    2 Snakeskin Veil

    2 Khalni Ambush

    3 Chainweb Aracnir

    2 Return to Nature

    3 Oakhame Adversary

    2 Run Afoul

  • Details
    Product Type: Challenger Decks