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Army Painter Colour Primer - Barbarian Flesh

Army Painter Colour Primer - Barbarian Flesh

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  • Description

    This Colour Primer is great for spraying miniatures with exposed skin, saving you loads of time. Superb with Celts, hordes of Viking beserks and Barbarians in general. Especially Ogre Kingdoms would make great use of this colour, but also Beastmen and Skaven would benefit, making their fur more realisti...



    Saves time painting - Prime your model with your chosen base colour

    Precision nozzle and fast drying acrylic primer = Perfect coverage!

    24 Colours, with a 100% matching Warpaint

    Leaves every detail on the miniature in excellent condition.

  • Details
    Brand: Army Painter
    Army Painter Paint Type: Spray Primer
    Supply Type: Primer