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Miniature Monday - Cyber Police

Miniature Monday - Cyber Police

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    Paint along with Josh Davis of Mini Painting Studio with these miniatures and Reaper Master Series Paint colors! Includes 8 Master Series Core Colors paints, 3 Bones Miniatures, and 1 Dark Heaven Legends Metal Miniature.

    CYBER POLICE Starts November 2nd


    09023 Imperial Purple

    09057 Ashen Blue

    09104 Sparkling Blue

    09129 Faded Khaki

    09219 Explosion Orange

    09473 Gem Purple

    09494 Gnome Flesh

    09683 Morning After Blues



    49028 Caine, Cyber Troll

    49029 IMEF BULLDOG I

    49030 Rach Soldier

    50129 Illyrian Scout