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Clue - Dungeons & Dragons

Clue - Dungeons & Dragons

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  • Description
    Clue with a fantasy theme. The characters are D&D character types (Monk, Rogue, Wizard, etc.), the rooms are fantasy themed (Dungeon, Dragon's Lair, Lost Crypt, etc.), and the weapons are fantasy themed (Mace of Disruption, Flaming Axe, etc.). Gameplay is identical to standard Clue unless you use the optional Wandering Monsters deck. Players draw the top card from this deck when landing on a 'claw marked' space on the board. They must battle the creature by rolling a die. If they win, they gain a magic item that confers a special ability for one use only such as looking at a random card from an opponent's hand or taking an extra turn. If they lose, they are put into the center of the board where it will take several turns to move back into a room (and get back into the game).Comes with finely detailed pewter miniatures for the player pawns and weapons. - BoardGameGeek
  • Details
    Ages: 8 and up
    Players: 3 to 6
    Product Title: Clue - Dungeons & Dragons
    Year: 2001