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Gaia Project

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  • Description


    For centuries, your civilization has been looking to the stars, hoping for the opportunity to explore and develop new frontiers. The time has come, but as big as space is, there is going to be competition.

    Take the lead of one of 14 different factions in the game. They each have a unique way of playing, and you have to adjust your strategy to match the faction.

    As you spread throughout the galaxy, you find a variety of different planets from harsh deserts to mild terra. Each faction has a different environment they’ll be comfortable in.



    Vie for your place in the galaxy with up to four players or try to find a new home in the cosmos on your own in the solo mode.

    Take advantage of the Power Cycle during the game. You need to charge power tokens by cycling them through areas on your personal board. Once charged, you’ll be able to spend power.

    Gaia Project is a Terra Mystica game, using a similar action system set in a futuristic new universe.



  • Details
    Ages: 14 and up
    Players: 1 - 4
    Year: 2017