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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Bundle

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  • Description

    ·         8 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Set Boosters

    ·         1 foil alt-art promo card—Triskaidekaphile

    ·         40 basic land cards (20 foil + 20 nonfoil)

    ·         Glow-in-the-dark Spindown life counter + card storage box

    ·         Become what you fear in a gothic horror set overrun with werewolves, warlocks, and spooky mechanics

    The Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Bundle is the first Magic Bundle to include Set Boosters—the best boosters to open just for fun. Each box contains 8 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Set Boosters plus exclusive accessories, with 40 basic lands (20 traditional foils and 20 nonfoils), 1 traditional foil alt-art promo card—Triskaidekaphile, 1 oversized glow-in-the dark Spindown life counter, 1 card storage box, and 2 reference cards.

    Each Set Booster contains 12 Magic cards, 1 Art Card, and 1 token, ad card, Helper card, or special card from Magic's history (a card from "The List"), with a combination of 1–4 Rares or Mythic Rares, 2–7 Uncommons, 3–8 Commons, and 1 Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Land card in every pack.